Nasr City Branch: Offices 1,2,3, Building 6, Mashrooa ElNozha El-Estethmary, Ard ElGolf, Cairo.
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Nasr City Branch: Offices 1,2,3, Building 6, Mashrooa ElNozha El-Estethmary, Ard ElGolf, Cairo.
Sat-Thu 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM
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    19 Mar, 2024
    Posted by SEGA M
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    Sega-M plans to increase its sales by 80% this year.


    Sega-M Electric Products achieved sales of the company in the last year 110 million pounds, and aims to increase its sales by 80% by the end of 2018.
    Michael Maher, a member of the company’s board of directors, said that the main reason for the increase in sales is the growth in demand for electrical products in the market in conjunction with the creation of new projects, including the new administrative capital, along with the delivery service of products provided by the company, the approval of “Sega-M” products in government agencies And participate in the supply of the needs of these entities, as well as the quality of products and after-sales services.
    The company achieved sales last year from the supply of electrical panels to homes, hotels, tourist facilities and lighting lights operating in solar energy systems.
    Among the most prominent parties that contracted with “Sega-M” to buy electrical products, were the companies “Hassan Allam”, “Arab Contractors” and “Orascom” for construction.
    The company supplied medium pressure panels for the Burullus power station, which is implemented by the German company Siemens, and supplies panels for the new administrative capital power station.
    Maher said that the company had supplied solar powered lighting headlamps to the armed forces, and government agencies were negotiating to supply other quantities of headlamps to some projects, including “Home House”, a plot of land offered by the Ministry of Housing to Egyptians working abroad.
    He pointed out that «Sega-M» contracted with «Siemens» to manufacture medium voltage panels 12 KVault, and aims to complete other partnerships during the coming period, to expand its supplies to the private sector and government agencies.
    The company aims to launch a new lighting factory in the Tenth of Ramadan as part of its expansion plan in the Egyptian market, and has started communicating with African countries to open new markets and export their products.
    Maher explained, that the percentage of local manufacturing of lighting products reaches 80%, while electrical panels account for 60%, and stated that the high prices of raw products and copper are among the challenges facing the company, and it will double the value of the product and affect the company’s sales.

    He said that the company «Sega-M» specializes in the manufacture of sub-electrical panels of all kinds for homes, hotels, tourist resorts and other various applications that suit the needs of customers, and the company manufactures low voltage panels with a license from General Electric.
    He pointed out that the company uses the latest machines such as automatic welding, automatic cutting machines, lasers and automatic paint lines to protect the plates from rust to ensure the quality of the products.