G13 winged workshop tube luminaire

Winged Workshop G13 tube luminaire

For manufacturing plants
and factories lighting


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Mass : 2.515kg
Dimensions : L 1240mm *W 183mm* h 100mm
Capacity : 2*G13 Tubes 120cm
Body / Reflector : electrostatically coated sheet steel
Mounting : Surface mounted (Wall or ceiling) or pendent


Light Source : 2*G13 Tubes 120cm
LOR : 89.6%
Based on typical 20W LED T8 tubes (half circle spread)


As per Tubes installed by user


Typical power supply : 220VAC, 50Hz
Max.Power : 100W


The clear cut solution for industrial luminaire in moderate/non polluted environemnt. Body height is sufficient for inserting additional components (i.e. fluorescent components or emergency configuration components; batteries, chargers etc.) Internal drop cords allow removing components for maintenance without the need to disassemble the whole body.


SHED2M-G1300000001        Workshop G13 tube luminaire          2*120cm


Sega-M Warranty: 3 years

Performance described above requires proper installation according to internationally recognized codes and within mentioned operational limitations.
Any properties not directly affecting photometric, spectrometric or electrical performance are liable to change without prior notice.