LED Underwater flood light 9W

LED crescent shaped bollard (Moon) 9-13W

For swimming poles and fountains decorative lighting.


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Mass : 0.77kg
Dimensions : φ 142mm * h 80mm * hm 95mm
Body : Stainless steel
Diffuser : Clear glass
Ingression protection :IP68
Mounting : Wall or ground surface mounting / M6-M8 Fischer screws or anchor bolts


Light Source : SMD LEDs
Spread angle  : 45°


RGB Auto switching


Typical power supply : 12VAC
Power : 9W (total connected)


Owing to the special nature of application (water submerged) supplying this product through
Earth fault/leakage protected supply as per national code is a must. Luminaire is to run only as submerged, dry running is forbidden


LED efficiency and size advantage allows better placement within a compact sized body, auto switching without external controls creates beautiful artistic effect with minimum wiring, touch voltage is less than maximum required by NEC for maximum safety.


SPCI15-SMD009RGB01        LED underwater flood light 9W        RGB


Sega-M Warranty: 3 Years


Sources for software simulation for installation (*.IES, *.LDT files) and advanced test results are available on request
Performance described above requires proper installation according to internationally recognized codes and within mentioned operational limitations.
Any properties not directly affecting photometric, spectrometric or electrical performance are liable to change without prior notice.