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Create Electrical Products Great Build with Usability in Mind.

SEGA-M is an advanced engineering company for electrical products and
low voltage switchboards established by experiences of its founders that
exceeds 40 years in industry field
Our factories are found in the industrial area of the 10th of Ramadan City
Egypt, It's located on an area 30.000 m
SEGA. M factories are equipped with the latest production lines, from the
largest manufactures in Europe
Fully equipped factory with the latest machines for making moulds with an
Engineering team working in development of the products, and giving
new creative solutions.


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Our Products

Is to provide the market with High quality Products, that serve the electrical installations sector, with all its installations requirements, that fulfill all our customers’ needs

Our Projects

Some of the projects implemented by the company in the last 15 years in low voltage and medium voltage and also in the field of lighting and solar energy

Our Licence

As result of our effort to produce high quality products we have the pleasure to announce that we have obtained these Certificates



The increasing demand on electric energy grid, the need to reduce the negative environmental impact of fossil fuel generationplants Plants and the rise of differenttypes of electric loads in remote sites inaccessible to grid and many other factors have led to renewable energy sources as analternate to conventional electricity generation methods Solar energy, being the most abundant renewable energy source withhigh flexibility to all applications ( and sizes ( using photo voltaic modules - PV became a priority for Sega-M Sega-M deployed itshigh expertise and manufacturing capabilities in electrical products and installations to provide various PV solutions to individuals, contractors and government institutions 



Due to the industrial and urban expansion in Egypt, demand for lighting products is soaring. With the new requirements for energy saving and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, LED lighting is currently the no. 1 choice for both suppliers and consumers due to its high efficacy and excellent lighting properties. Sega-M provides a variety of LED lighting products which fulfill every purpose and field (urban/residential/administrative/industrial). Sega-M also provides lighting design service so it is your one-stop-shop for lighting solutions