Frame 3
projects (4000, 5000 and 6300A)

  • New Saudi Embassy in Cairo
  • SECO factory in Badr City  Industry Segment
  • Academy of Arts – Higher Institute of Arts
  • PPg & hail in SEC- KSA (Infra Structure & Utilities Segment
  • Porto El Sokhna – behind towers project
  • Nile Badrawy Hospital

Frame 2
projects (2500 & 3200A)

  • Samanoud Hospital
  • Porto El Sokhna – Old Town Mall
  • MUST Academic University Hospital
  • Ain Shams University Obour Hospital
  • Ain Shams University Eldemerdash Hospital
  • WEPCO– Revamping of WAQ platform Elec. System Oil & gas Segment
  • New Saudi Embassy Chancellery
  • Academy of Arts – Sayed Darwish hall
  • Monopharma Factory in Badr City (Industry Segment
  • October pharma factory in October City (Industry Segment
  • The Liver Institute
  • Pyramid Plateau Project
  • Makadi Village in Hurghada
  • Venus ceramic factory (Industry Segment

Frame 1
Project (Up to 2000A)
More than 1000 projects in the last 5 years only, in several segments (such as building and Tourism ( Mivida, Marrasi, etc Industrial (a lot of factories at all industrial cities all over Egypt) and Infrastructure Qena water treatment Station ,West Damietta Simple Cycle ……………gas Turbine Units DBs, El Atf Pump Station , etc

  • Jockey Factory 5000
  • A October pharma factory in October City (Industry Segment 2500 A
  • National Bank of egypt 800 A
  • El obour hospital 2500 A
  • Childeren hospital 2500 A