LED Solar powered Wall mounted luminaire 5W PV

For general and decorative wall lighting


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Mass : 1.05 kg
Dimensions : L 290mm * W 190mm * H 115mm
Body : ABS (UV Resistant), different colors available.
Diffuser : Prismatic Polycarbonate (UV Resistant)
PV window : Tempered Glass, inclined at 15°
Ingression protection : IP65, Outdoor installation (non shaded area)
Mounting : Wall side mounted, M4 Fischer Screws


Light Source : SMD LEDs
Total Luminous flux : 125-150 Lm (at full power)
Spread angle : 105-110°


Correlated Color Temperature(CCT) : 6613°K (Pure white)
| 2928°K (Warm White)
Dominant Wavelength : 485nm (Pure White)
| 584nm (Warm white)
Color Rendering index (Ra) : 84
TM-30 Fidelity Index (Rf) : 84
TM-30 Gamut Index (Rg) : 96


Typical power supply : Polycrystalline PV, 5W Peak
Battery bank : Li-ion, 3.6V, 7.5Ah total
Expected endurance : 12h average
Features  : Auto Power ON/OFF with sunset/sunrise


With quick and easy installation without the need to extend wiring and optical control equipment, designed to solve the enduring problem of wall and fence lighting for residential and small business areas. An install-and-forget product is your perfect solution, offering adequate lighting for heights up to 3 meters and offset up to 6 meters providing good decorative illumination for the wall/fence and the sidewalk up to 2 meters wide.


FLSC-SMD00526501 All-in-one PV Wall luminaire    5Wp PV     6500°K
FLSC-SMD00523001 All-in-one PV Wall luminaire     5Wp PV     3000°K


Sega-M Warranty: 3 Years for Luminaire : 1 year for batteries


Sources for software simulation for installation (*.IES, *.LDT files) and advanced test results are available on request
Performance described above requires proper installation according to internationally recognized codes and within mentioned operational limitations.
Any properties not directly affecting photometric, spectrometric or electrical performance are liable to change without prior notice.