LED Down light COB

Recessed LED Down light

(Reflector/diffuser based)


For office space and
general indoors lighting


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Mass : Size 1: 0.3kg, Size 2: 0.46kg, Size 3: 0.775kg
Dimensions : Size 1: φr 97mm, φh 80mm * h 65mm / Size 2: φr 144mm, φh 126mm * h 85 mm / Size 3: φr 210mm, φh 196mm * h 150 mm

Body : Electrostatically coated die cast aluminum ring +
Anodized aluminum section heat sink
Diffuser :
Reflector : Specular, segmented or smooth.
Clear/milky/prismatic/partially sanded
Ingression protection : IP20
Mounting : False ceiling recessed, spring-loaded clamp


Light Source : COB LED
Efficacy : Size 1: 96.8 Lm/W @ 5W prismatic diffuser
Size 2: 107 Lm/W @ 13W , 109 Lm/W @ 20W Prismatic diffuser
Size 2: 115.5 Lm/W @13W , 112.6 Lm/W @ 20W Open difuser
Size 3: 111 Lm/W @ 20/30W Open diffuser


Correlated Color Temperature(CCT) : 4075°K (Warm white)
Dominant Wavelength : 577.7nm
Color Rendering index (Ra) : 83.3
TM-30 Fidelity Index (Rf) :84
TM-30 Gamut Index (Rg) : 95
CQS Qa  : 82.84


Typical power supply : 220VAC, 50Hz
Power : 5/13/20/30W
Current  : 0.052/0.064/0.1/0.15 A
Power Factor : 0.97
Total Harmonic distortion (THDI) : 8.6%


Highly efficient replacement to conventional down lights, saving both power and space. Miniature size and clamp fixation allow easy installation and maintenance even with confined space above false ceiling.

SLMD10-COB00524001 LED Recessed Down light Size 1 COB prismatic 60deg 5W 4000°K
SLMD15-COB01324001 LED Recessed Down light Size 2 COB prismatic 60deg 13W 4000°K
SLMD15-COB01324002 LED Recessed Down light Size 2 COB open 60deg 13W 4000°K
SLMD15-COB02024001 LED Recessed Down light Size 2 COB Prismatic 60deg 20W 4000°K
SLMD15-COB02024002 LED Recessed Down light Size 2 COB open 60deg 20W 4000°K
SLMD20-COB02024002 LED Recessed Down light Size 3 COB Open 25deg 20W 4000°K
SLMD20-COB03024002 LED Recessed Down light Size 3 COB Open 25deg 30W 4000°K


Sega-M Warranty: 3 years

Performance described above requires proper installation according to internationally recognized codes and within mentioned operational limitations.
Any properties not directly affecting photometric, spectrometric or electrical performance are liable to change without prior notice.