Rocky Street

Light High-performance public Lighting Luminaries use with LED Light sources IP65, IK08.

Designed and created for main roads and urban communities.


Made of Die-cast aluminum electrostatic coated after phospho-chromatation.

Tempered clear glass diffuser, and PMMA Lenses.

High photometric performance.


Availability of different power ratings and color temperatures.


105-150 W

117-91 LM/W

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Mass : 6.0kg
Dimensions : L 500m*W 240mm* T 55mm
Body : Electrostatically coated die cast Aluminum,
Press formed sheet + sections
Emitting Surface : Tempered glass clear diffuser
Ingression Protection : IP65
Mechanical Impact resistance : IK08
Mounting : Pole arm up to 60mm, bolt tightened clamp
Running temperature : -20 to 45°C


hrough fine selection of body material and combination of die casting, Press forming sections mechanical strength is ensured even against worst of conditions while in the same time providing good heat dissipation maintaining LED life. High quality lenses offer sustained chromatic and photometric properties without compromising strength or hardness.


Light Source : SMD LEDs 3030
Total Luminous flux : 12382 Lumen (+/-1%) @ 105.5w

Efficacy : 117.35 Lm/W
SLI : 19.075


High efficiency LEDs with precisely selected driver provide high efficacy. Can easily achieve illumination class requirements for A1-6 and S1-6 Classes for Urban/Suburban areas, along with ME4A for Motorized roads.


Correlated Color Temperature(CCT) : 4215°K (Neutral white/daylight)
Dominant Wavelength :  578.0nm
Color Rendering index (Ra) : 83.2
TM-30 Fidelity Index (Rf) :83
TM-30 Gamut Index (Rg) : 94
CQS Qa : 81.83
CQS : 81.3


Owing to rich color nature of LEDs used, realistic color rendering is achieved offering correct and precise identification of colors while achieving eye comfort at the same time.


Typical power supply : 220VAC, 50Hz
Supply Limits : 180-295VAC, 50/60Hz
Power : 60-150W (105W Def.)
Current : 0.487 A (RMS)
Power Factor : 0.984
Total Harmonic distortion (THDI) : 9.6%
Withstand voltage : 2KVAC IP/FG
Short circuit / over temperature : Protected, self restart


Due to using high frequency PWM drivers, good electrical properties are achieved for both the grid (minimum distortion and continuous operation even against extreme conditions) and the LEDs (stable current supply independent of grid conditions). Also running the LEDs on high frequency DC pulse wave provides best light vs. thermal performance and guarantees eye comfort (compared to classical gas discharge lighting running on grid frequency)


Your ultimate solution for main roads and urban communities lighting

Sega-M Warranty: 3 years

Performance described above requires proper installation according to internationally recognized codes and within mentioned operational limitations.
Any properties not directly affecting photometric, spectrometric or electrical performance are liable to change without prior notice.


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