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Eng. Maher Sadiq, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Sega M” Company

Commented on the new factories that the country recently launched.

The industrialists praised the inauguration of the No. 3 medical and industrial gas plant and the hydrogen peroxide plant of El-Nasr Intermediate Chemicals Company owned by the Egyptian state as follows:

Eng. Ahmed Abdel-Gawad, member of the Chamber of Engineering Industries in the Federation of Industries and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gawad Company for Water Mixers, confirmed that the opening of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to these two factories will achieve a great boom for the Egyptian industry in general in all its sectors, as this will limit the import of some of the basic products that we were suffering as manufacturers in Importing it, as it is a major part of production inputs, thus cost will decrease and increase competitiveness, which will benefit the industry and the consumer inside and outside Egypt, and we should not forget the positive return on the reputation of our national motto: Made in Egypt.
He added: This integration between the state-owned industrial sector and the private sector establishes a constructive investment climate that benefits everyone in Egypt and enhances our confidence as investors and manufacturers in developing our investment capabilities to participate in building the country.

As for Eng. Maher Sadiq, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sega M Company for Electrical Industries, he indicated that production inputs are the backbone of the industry, and every step aimed at deepening its production in Egypt is a new building that raises the ceiling of our ambitions for the national industry, especially if it is from high-value inputs and limited production globally, and we value the effort The state is to provide new factories and is an enhancement of Egyptian national security.