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  • Incoming 3va23-3vm13-400A, Outgoing 3va1-3vm1 16-160A
  • Incoming 3va22-3vm12-250A, Outgoing 3va1-3vm1 16-160A
  • Perfect Design
  • Very Good Quality
  • Total Safety
  • Time Saving

Medium Voltage -Switchgear, 12 kV up to 17.5 kV Type

  • Saves Lives

  • All switching operations including emergency manual operation switch high-voltage door closed
  • Internal arc tested design up to 40 kA, 1 s, according to IEC 62271-200, VDE 0671-200
  • Peace Of Mind

  • Design based on global best practice sharing and experience
  • Type testing of the circuit-breaker inside the panel
  • Factory-assembled, type-tested switchgear according to IEC 62271-200
  • Use of maintenance-free vacuum circuit-breakers
  • Increases Productivity

  • Use of metallic, earthed shutters and partitions between the compartments ensures highest loss of service continuity of the switchgear (LSC2B according to IEC 62271-200) during maintenance
  • Use of maintenance-free vacuum circuit-breakers
  • Saves Money

  • Use of maintenance-free vacuum circuit-breakers

Medium Voltage -Switchgear, up to 17.5 kV Type

  • Application: Power supply system

  • Power supply companies

  • Application: Industry

  • Power stations

  • Cement industry

  • Automobile industry

  • Iron and steel works

  • Rolling mills

  • Mining industry

  • Traction power supplies

  • Chemical industry

  • Petroleum industry

  • Pipeline installations

  • Offshore installations

  • Electrochemical plants

Metal-clad, withdrawable

  • Selective disconnection by Block type current transformers
  • Truck Type Vacuum Circuit Breaker
  • Economic functional design
  • Compact dimensions (800 mm width)
  • Individually operated shutters
  • Fully mechanically interlocked
  • All switching operations behind closed HV Door
  • Separate LV Compartment
  • Primary fused withdrawable PT
  • Top Cable Entry (option)
  • Suitable for trench mounting


Pacific Street Light High

performance public Lighting Luminaries use with LED Light sources, IP65, IK08.

Designed and created for Super heavy-duty street lighting luminaire for highways,

main roads and streets and harsh areas.


Made of Die-cast aluminum electrostatic coated after phospho-chromatation.

PMMA Lenses and tempered glass shield. High photometric performance.


Availability of different power ratings and color temperatures.


105-150 W

113-125 LM/W

Panel Design

  • (Panel design)

  • Door of low-voltage
  • compartment
  • Opening for locking or un locking
  • the low-voltage
  • compartment door
  • Option: Capacitive voltage
  • detecting systemfor feeder
  • and busbar
  • High-voltage door
  • Inspection window for
  • checking the switchingdevice
  • truck