MV AIS SWGR up to 24kV
 IEC62271-200 ( LSC2B – PM )

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Switchgear for Primary Distribution


Energy Distribution Medium Voltage

 Air-insulated, metal-enclosed, metal-clad medium voltage switchgear up to 24kV

Withdrawable ROL Vacuum CB

Full compiance with new IEC 62271-200class ( LSC2B – PM )


1-Overview .

2-Benefits & Customer Value proposition .

3-How You Will Get the Benefits .



Typical applications & Market Segments :

1-Energy : Generation , Transmission & Distribution .

2-Infrastructure: hospitals, air and sea ports .

3-Industry: oil & gas, cement plants , Factories .

4-Buildings: City Centers, malls, Residential.


Switching Device Compartment (SDC) :

 1-Rolling on floor truck to accommodat :

Vacuum circuit breaker - . (with/without VTs + Fuses on cables) Disconnector . Vacuum contactor with fuses .

Metering VTs + Fuses  .

( For complete metering cubicles ) .

2-Upwards pressure relief flaps .

3-Earthed metallic shutters & shutters operating mechanism for complete & isolation against live bus bars .  cables when truck is in rack out position ( Class PM ) 

4-Pressure resistance MV door against internal arcs :

Maintaining IP up to 5X even when VCB is in Rack out position .

 With mechanism for all cubicle operations from the front side .

 5-Side metallic ducts for LV control cables routing .

 6-Mechanical interlock between MV door & truck , ensures . interlock-based access to the SDC .   


Main Bus bar compartment

1-Flat bare high quality copper for main & cubicle bus bars up to 3600A , bolted from cubicle to cubicle .

2-Silver plated bolted connections .

3-Main bus bar transverse partitioning between cubicles.

4-Optional : main bus bar insulation (Raycham ) .

5-Bolted rear & top covers ensures tool-based access to the main bus bar compartment.

6-Possibility of installing :

Voltage transformers

Bus bar earthing switch Current transformers on the bus bars run .

7-Upwards pressure relief flaps .


Cable Compartment

 1-Ample space for compartment to accommodate : Ring core or block type current transformers .

Voltage Transformers + Fuses on Cables .

Earting Switch with making capacity .

Cable copper connections .

Earth bus bar .

Optional : Surge arresters .

2-Upwards pressure relief flaps .

3-Front or Rear cable access for easy .

installation & maintenance for CTs & Cables .

4-Cable testing without isolating the switchgear possible by separately opening .

shutters of switching-device compartment via specific tools .






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